“Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves.” –Paul P. Harris, Rotary Founder

Water Really Matters.

Rotary Club of Richmond Hill has partnered with five other Rotary clubs to help cap a spring in Northwest Haiti which will bring clean water to 31 communities and over 10,000 residents.  The video below does a great job explaining the project.

Project Brief

Start Date:  September 2013

Expected Completion Date:  Fall 2014

Location: Northwest Haiti – Foison and Moustiques, and 29 smaller communities

Initial Impact: Deliver clean water to at least 10,000 residents which will drastically improve health, education (children often have to help transport water), well-being, and dignity.

Estimated Cost:  $404,050

Work:  Total network of over 20 miles of pipe to be installed with at least 31 fountains to serve each community. The system will be managed by a local water board modeled after the very successful Poste Métier/Baie des Moustiques system installed in the early 90’s and uses the same management system, design features and fountains. As the main pipeline reaches each community, local residents will help to dig the trenches necessary to run water to that community’s fountain and help install the fountain.

Why Haiti?
The leading cause of infant mortality and illness in the children of Haiti is contaminated water. The country currently has the highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. The United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti reported that 16% of child-under-five deaths in Haiti were directly related to waterborne diseases, before the earthquake. This number is now higher as a result of the earthquake and cholera outbreak.

The UN estimates that almost one-tenth of the global disease burden could be prevented by improving water supply, sanitation, hygiene, and management of water resources.   But Haiti, like many developing nations around the world, is currently devastated by a lack of clean water and the systems that provide it.